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Bilguun Hello there, I am Bilguun from MNUMS Mongolia. Dr. Kim Gave Prof. Ganbold Next-RS232-4P. I tried to connect and record some patient data with VitalDB recorder. I have encountered some problems connecting the RS232 4p converter. Installing all the necessa 2017.11.26 Delete
SHKim ㄴ Thank you for contact us, We will response you soon via email. 2017.11.26 Delete
SHKim Thank you. See you soon! 2017.11.21 Delete
Bob Thiele Good luck to you all - I just took another look at your bibliography and you've been busy - great work!!! 2017.11.20 Delete
SHkim 감사합니다. 2017.07.25 Delete
이현정 아는 얼굴이 많이 보이네요. 마취과샘들이 주축이 되어 하시나봐요. 체계적으로 연구하셔서 빛나는 업적 이루시길 기원합니다.^^ 2017.07.24 Delete
SHKim 감사합니다 2017.07.24 Delete
류정옥 홈페이지 너무 멋지네요... 무궁한 발전을 기원합니다. 널리 널리 홍보할께요 2017.07.23 Delete
SHkim 감사합니다. 2017.07.21 Delete
서동우 오~ 축하드립니다. 무궁한 발전을 기원합니다. 2017.07.20 Delete