About BAPOR Lab.


우리 연구팀을 소개합니다.
Welcome to the BAPOR (Biosignal Analysis & Perioperative
Outcome Research) Lab. at AMC, Seoul, Korea.
Lab's Motivations
Research & Development of Perioperative Patient Care and Monitoring Devices
Improving Research Capacity for Young Fellows, Developers and Engineers
Clinically Applicable Development
Research Interests
Human Biosignal Processing: perioperative EKG, PPG, ABP, EEG, NIRS, Phonocardiogram, ETCO2, Doppler signal analysis
Application of AI on Hemodynamic DB: Mathmetical Modeling of Human Physiologic System
Perioperative Outcome Research combined with hemodynamic big data and EMR
빅데이터와 마취통증의학 (하버드 MGH 도신호 교수)
스마트한 헬스케어 빅데이터 활용을 위해 (삼성융합의학원 신수용 교수)
전신마취중 뇌활동 모니터 (국립한밭대 김성은 교수)
미래의료분야의 빅데이터 (아산생명과학연구원장 김종재 교수)
Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitoring (Prof. Kirk Shelley, Yale University)
Precision Medicine Requires Digital Medicine (Dr. Steven Steinhubl, The Scripps Research Institute)