• Prof. Sunghoon Kim Professor of the Year (Ulsan Medical School, Best Research) 2019.12.
  • Researcher Kim Jae-man 2019 Excellence Prize for Student / Young Researcher Session
  • Hwang GS, Korea Society of Anesthesiology, Main Academy Prize 2018.11.
  • Kim SH, Korea Society of Anesthesiology, Industrial Award 2018.11
  • Park YS, Excellent Abstracts Award (The Korean Society of Ambulatory Anesthesia), June 2018
  • Hwang GS, Elected as Member of National Academy of Medicine of Korea, Feb 2018
  • Kim JW, Excellent Resident Award (Asan Medical Center), Dec 2017
  • Shin WJ, Best Teacher Award (University of Ulsan), Dec 2017
  • Kim SH, Recognized Reviewer of Injury (British Trauma Society), Apr 2017
  • Kim JM, ICT Minister Award (World Friends IT Volunteer Group), Dec 2016