About BAPOR Lab.


Let me introduce our research team.
Welcome to the BAPOR (Biosignal Analysis & Perioperative
Outcome Research) Lab. at AMC, Seoul, Korea.
Lab's Motivations
Research & Development of Perioperative Patient Care and Monitoring Devices
Improving Research Capacity for Young Fellows, Developers and Engineers
Clinically Applicable Development
Research Interests
Human Biosignal Processing: perioperative EKG, PPG, ABP, EEG, NIRS, Phonocardiogram, ETCO2, Doppler signal analysis
Application of AI on Hemodynamic DB: Mathmetical Modeling of Human Physiologic System
Perioperative Outcome Research combined with hemodynamic big data and EMR
Big Data and Anesthesiology (Prof. Synho Do, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School)
Usage of Smart Healthcare Big Data (Prof. Soo-Yong Shin, Samsung Advanced Institute for Health Sciences & Technology)
Brain Activity Monitoring during General Anesthesia (Prof. Seong-Eun Kim, Hanbat National University)
Big Data of Medical Field in the Future (Prof. Chong Jai Kim, Asan institute for Life Science)
Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitoring (Prof. Kirk Shelley, Yale University)
Precision Medicine Requires Digital Medicine (Dr. Steven Steinhubl, The Scripps Research Institute)